Our Drinking Water is the Purest Resource That We Have.

Our Drinking Water is that one pure resource that sustains life on this planet. Without it, oxygen has no purpose. Life will not sustain and instead of a planet filled with life and animation, you will see a rock similar to that of millions of other dead planets in our universe.

Water Planets are amoungst the rarest of planets in our universe. So rare that scientist have not to date been able to locate another. It is without a doubt that Earth is not the only life sustaining planet in this vast universe. Believing that we are the only life forms out there is as naive as the earlier beleif that the world is flat.

We are not alone, but we sure are way out there in relation to other water planets in this sector of the universe.

We all have a responsibility for the preservation of this planet and the incredible water resources that we have. There is water plenty for everyone. In establishing security of clean fresh water for the population of this world, we are guaranteeing planetary social security. Man has a right to clean, clear drinking water just as he has a right to the air we breath.

As the basic moral codes of this planet settle and come to order, so will the supply of these basic elements be secured and always be available to man. It is a human right for man to live in a world where he can flourish and prosper. Political, Economical, Religious and other Human Rights Agreements will come together as we realise this is our world and there is room for all to live together in peace.

Across this magnificent planet we have men and women of good will taking responsibility for and protection of our water resources. They are in a constant battle against the poisoning acts of man kind. Up against pollutants from the skies above, from the toxic run off of industry and the agricultural watershed covered in fertilizers and the like that all become a part of our drinking water. Their purpose is to deliver clean clear drinking water to us all.

Until that day comes, it is the responsibilty of us all to filter our water right at the end point of its journey. Otherwise you are playing Russion Roulette with the health of yourself and your family. A simple process that I call The ultimate Drinking Water! You can call it what you like.

But do not worry, we will handle this water planet. We have a few stupidities to overcome, even ourselves being guilty of washing that disgusting dishwashing liquid down the drain, but we can do something about it.

So how one man was able to make a difference and save a precious water planet.

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My mission is that of the element of water. Not that of the chemist or materialistic perfectionist, but that of the basic element of life. The Greeks spoke of Earth, Fire and Water. My mission is of water. I welcome you to join me and save this precious water planet that we have. For the next one is a long long way away.

I invite you to follow my journey with our Lord of Water! But most of all, let’s make it fun. For our water gives us the playgound that this water planet really is.

Warmly, Mike King.

I am having an absolute ball in the water industry. Your welcome to contact me at any time.

Drinking Water Pro.Discovering the ability of drinking water to split and spread across the various PH Levels for high acid, neutral 7 and through to Ph of even 14 shows us the truth and ability of this incredible foundation fluid of life on this planet.

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